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First: Identifying the Need.

We work with social workers from around the El Paso area to identify students and their families whose lives will be most impacted by our outreach.

The families we reach out to are typically single parent households that house 2 or more children but have found themselves in a bind. These families are living in broken down houses and shacks sometimes with no electricity or running water. Most of these homes lack a heat source to help get through the harsh winters and students are wearing old undersized jackets.

Second: Finding the Sponsors.

We recruit people from all over El Paso in hopes of finding enough sponsors to individually cover each of the this years 250 individuals (children and adults) selected by the social workers.

Each sponsor is responsible to purchase an age appropriate gift for their assigned individual as well as a jacket and or pair of shoes. Some sponsors choose to go above and beyond and while it is much appreciated it is not necessary, we just ask that the basic need of a gift and functional clothing item be met any additional purchases are at the sponsors discretion. ***You may sponsor more than one child or parent but the expectation is that for every person you sponsor at least the minimum will be met.*** We ask that you wrap your gifts and note note who the gift is for and which family they pertain to (THIS INFORMATION WILL BE SUPPLIED TO YOU AT THE BEGINNING)

Third: The Warehouse.

We gather all our gifts at a warehouse and make sure that every one of our students is accounted for, then prepare the gifts for delivery to the appropriate locations for the giveaway. Sponsors are not required to be present but are welcome to join us.

Fourth: Basic Necessity Boxes.

We prepare our basic necessity boxes for each of the families identified to include water, toiletries, food, etc. Again sponsors and volunteers are welcome to join us in working on this portion of the project.

Fifth: Delivery!

On a date that we arrange with our social workers (tentatively December 9th) we meet up with all the families and individuals and celebrate while delivering their gifts for Christmas! Volunteers for this portion of the project must purchase a volunteer t-shirt with us (at an additional cost) for easy identification and accountability. Please contact us ASAP if you’re interested in being present for this portion of the project as spots are limited.